SWAT Supporters

Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust (SWAT) is a charity and as such relies on funding from many sources. To date, apart from funding from the Lottery and various other national groups, we have relied upon the goodwill of our own community. Many of these organisations have continued to help us over the years and for this we thank you enourmously.

1. Calendar Supporters - See below for details.

2. The Co-Op Stewarton - Donations gratefully received as well as in-store promotion.

3. Boxing Day Dippers - Volunteers from SWAT encouraged to join in and find sponsorship

4. Public donations - Our donations box on display at local events depends upon the charity and goodwill of our local community.

Well done folks and many thanks to all involved in helping us to maintain our woodlands for the benefit, health and well-being of our citizens; whether local or further afield. A great effort!


Many Thanks To All Our Sponsors - Old and New!

Calendar Supporters: Month-by-Month View

(For additional info on our supporters, please see the copy of our calendar with their respective logos underneath. Many thanks)


January -     Allison's Craft Emporium: 21 Lainshaw Street, Stewarton: 01560 480329

February -   Ellie's Kidswear: 24 Main Street, Stewarton: 01560 480015

March -       Blair Garage: Rigg Street, Stewarton: 01560 482498

April -         The Cobble Shop: Stewarton: 01560 485413

May -          The Groom Room: 19 Lainshaw Street: 01560 486878

June -         Country Link: Ayrshire: 01505 850691

July -          Manna: 6b High Street, Stewarton: 01560 480425

August -      Stewarton Cabs: 31A Main Street, Stewarton: 07968 107433

September - Past And Present: 3 Lainshaw Street, Stewarton: 01560 484113

October -     Solutions on Demand Ltd: 11 Standalane, Stewarton: 01560 428031
                   (Sod-It Fix My Computer/ Creo/The Review/PrintRoom)

November - Mobility Matters: 9 Avenue Square: 01560 485907

December - Linengreen Interiors: 17a Main Street, Stewarton: 01560 483212







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