Chair Report

Chairman's Report and
Our New Year Message


Happy New Year! We are pleased to say that we have had quite a few new members joining us over 2018 and their input has been most welcome. There is always room for more though, so if you think you might like to help in whatever way possible, please contact us using one of the links in the list of contact details below.

Our main projects completed in 2018 were the upgrade of the Fisherman's Steps, the installation of a new bench at the Viewpoint, close to the entrance to the woodlands and the acquisition of another container.

For 2019, we hope to have our Nature Trail up and running which will be funded by the Co-Op, who once again had us as one of their local causes in 2018. Being part of this scheme has helped us to benefit a large part of the community in Stewarton.

Thanks have to go to all the businesses who have taken advertising space in this year's calendar, to John Ainsworth of Beaver printing for his endless patience, and to the people of Stewarton. We couldn't do it without you all!


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Susan Williamson