About us

SWAT (which stands for Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust), is a voluntary community organisation with charitable status. Its membership is made up of people from varying walks of life, and of varying ages, but all with the same goal, which is to preserve the woodlands and parks of Stewarton for all to enjoy. To date we have provided, with the aid of grants and donations from various sources, a network of paths around the town, taking in Annick Water and Lainshaw Woods. Cunningham Watt Park has had a much needed facelift making it more user friendly for anything from dog walking, to a quiet stroll, or even as a short cut to Stewarton Station.

Over the years since SWAT was first started, we have planted hundreds of trees in and around the neighbourhood, some of which have been paid for by donations from local benefactors. We meet twice a month for “workdays”, usually on a Sunday morning, and many of our members who are retired, take it upon themselves to do extra duties during the week, or whenever the need arises. Our main function once the funding has been applied for and utilised, is to keep the paths in good repair for all the locals who make so much use of them, and we often have chats with grateful Stewarton residents when they come across us doing our work. Some of our members have taken part in training courses to use certain types of weed killers, or to use chain saws safely, enabling them to do jobs that would otherwise have to be paid for.

There is also a social aspect to SWAT, as we have a coffee together after working hard on our workdays, and get together at Christmas and also during the summer months for a BBQ. Each member gives as much time as they can afford, and many bring their own personal expertise in matters that concern the work that we do.

We are always looking for new members, so please get in touch if you feel you have a little time to offer and would like to become part of this very beneficial local group!